South American Natives Speak Ancient European Language? Part 2

Csizmadia István, the full-blooded Indian

Also the following transpired in Guayaquil. Alejandro Castro Benitez, a plantation owner from the province of El Oro, looked up Moricz and told him: “Sir, here is this man. I would very much like to here you speak Magyar with each-other, because I’d like to know if You really speak Magyar!” Surprised, Moricz asks the man if he’s Magyar. “Yes, my name is Csizmadia István.”1 They started such a conversation between the two of them, as used to take place on such occasions between two previously separated fellow compatriots. The conversation was interrupted by Benitez, saying that he has been convinced that Moricz really does speak Magyar. He then informed Csizmadia that the Ecuadorian Indians are Magyars, that is, they are kin to the Magyar people and that even today there are some tribes among them that speak Magyar. He also named a few geographical names, upon which Csizmadia suddenly ran off. Benitez told Moricz, that Csizmadia is one of Ecuador’s most distinguished specialists and that he works on Benitez’ property as engineer. He’s quite a loudmouth and calls also him, Benitez, a savage Indian on a daily basis. “However, now I’ve retorted – he added – because it is not I who is the Indian, but the proud Magyar, Csizmadia István!” After a short while Csizmadia came running back, excited by the surprise, and grabbed Moricz’ arm and said with arms wildly gesticulating: “This is the ancient homeland! I see it now! I’ve been blind until now! Here, everything is Magyar, everything has a Magyar name! I’m such a fool, that I have not realised this until now! What a great discovery I’ve wasted!” At this moment Benitez asked Csizmadia who of the two of them was the Indian: “I, Csizmadia István, I am the full-blooded Indian! Benitez, You are merely a half-blood! Can You understand? Half-blood! Mestizo! I’m the pure-blooded one!” After this, Benitez gave up for good the hope of ever winning another argument with Csizmadia.

  1. Csizmadia is a fairly common Hungarian surname. See for example HERE. []
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