South American Natives Speak Ancient European Language? Part 1

Meanwhile, the leaders of the greatly influential Mormon “church” became involved in the matter. This church has at its disposal a vast fortune, they engage in an active programme of expansion in the Americas. The church leaders stated, that they support any and all ventures which has as its goal to help clarify the origins of the human race and the origin of religion. They promised “unselfish” support, they only asked for one thing, that they would be entrusted with the decoding of the content of the golden plates.

After this János Moricz held a big press conference where he announced his discoveries to the press, radio and TV reporters. The atmosphere at the several hours long press conference was extraordinarily enthusiastic. It seemed, that a sensation concerning the whole world was beginning its journey, but instead what followed the press conference was solid silence and discourteous reservation. Not a single news report appeared about it. Then again, the main leaders of the Mormon church would not leave Moricz alone, continually harassing him to reveal to them the location of the cave.

It became clear from this hostile behaviour that they were not dealing with a trusting church but that this church was backed by an organization hungry for world power. Treasure discovery and other goals are their incentive. At this point Moricz decided he will not reveal the secrets of the cave. He became convinced that the time for the revelation of the caves was not yet come, therefore he decided to first discover the enigma of the arrival to the Americas of the Hungarian speaking tribes, or rather to prove the fact by pragmatic methods.

On May 28, 1970 a raft made of balsam wood, according to the ideas of Moricz, set sail from the Ecuadorian coast with a crew of four young men. Moricz guided them from the shore by radio. 159 days later the raft arrived on October 4 in Australia, not far from Sydney. Here they towed the sensational raft that sailed halfway around the globe.1
Moricz’ theory is that the Hungarian speaking tribes arrived in South America by sea from the West. This is proven also by the geographical names of the Pacific ocean and East Asia. Bátor Vámos Tóth, a Hungarian emigrant teacher of geography living in Hawaii, has collected 50 Hungarian-sounding Hawaiian geographical names. And in the Pacific archipelago he found names that are identical to those around Lake Balaton in Hungary, for example: Aliga, Kiliti, Lelle etc. Substantiating with maps he indicated that in Indonesia and the Indus valley every 4th and every 3rd geographical name is Hungarian respectively.

In the question of the origins of the American ancient indigenous population, or rather its migration there we are provided with important data from the so-called Kland scrolls. In 1967 an archaeological group with American funding found, under s 20 metre thick layer of lava, a stone box containing an intact written scroll. C14 dating found it to be around 21 000 years old. Since then the writing has be decoded and it turns out they contain the history, culture and circumstances of the thousands of years ago sunken continent of Mu. A member of the group, Tony Earl, wrote a book detailing the process and the results of the archaeological dig, called ‘Mu Revealed’. The book triggered great interest at the time but today probably is unavailable.

The above text was prepared using data and manuscripts by Györgyné Hary (1977)

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