Contemplations on the Concept of Spiritual Aristocracy

How could I possibly prove facts. Facts can only be indicated.

The belief that Science and Ratio is superior to Traditional and ancient knowledge confirms the belief in an evolutionary progress for the better, which is a typical sign of intellectual and spiritual stagnation. Anyone with eyes can see the fact of spiritual, mental, physical and material degradation, stagnation, corruption and degeneration all around in our world today. This is an obvious and evident fact but one cannot get someone to understand and see that obvious and evident fact if that person cannot see it for himself.
One of the typical characteristics of the Modern World is that it has been spiritually so corrupted and has degenerated so completely that it has forgotten whence it came–the Source of its own existence–and thus is able to conceive the false notion of its own perfection in relation to what has come before it. Cutting the spiritual connection to its own past, the Modern World is suddenly “free” to fantasize unchecked about its own “grandeur”. This characteristic constitutes the last stage before complete disintegration and extinction in any civilization’s life cycle.

Additionally, the belief in Science, Ratio and evolutionary “progress” confirms the Marxist belief that the ancient priests and priest-kings usurped the power to rule over people and used it for their own material excesses, falsely implying that all rulers use force, oppression and terror to rule. This is the core belief of all revolutionary ideologies: the ruler always oppresses the ruled, which makes it necessary for the ruled to revolt against the oppression and emancipate themselves.

The superiority of one man over another in ancient times did not have anything to do with physical might but a superiority of spirit and soul.

From a historical perspective, the shift from one form of elite (or “aristocracy” in general) to another has obeyed a specific law… [T]here are four stages: in the first stage, the elite has a purely spiritual character, embodying what may be generally called “divine right.” This elite expresses an ideal of immaterial virility. In the second stage, the elite has the character of warrior nobility; at the third stage we find the advent of oligarchies of a plutocratic and capitalistic nature, such as they arise in democracies; the fourth and last elite is that of the collectivist and revolutionary leaders of the Fourth Estate.
(Julius Evola, “Men Among The Ruins,” p.164)

On the stagnation of sovereignity in modern times, Evola writes:

…whenever we witness in history the triumph of a sovereignity and of a unity presiding over multiplicity in a merely material, direct, and political way – intervening everywhere, abolishing the autonomy of single groups, leveling in an absolutist fashion every right and every privilege, and altering and imposing a common will [Marx’s “the common mind”/note Kartavirya] on various ethnic groups – then there cannot be any authentic imperial power since what we are dealing with is no longer an organism but a mechanism; this type is best represented by the modern national and centralizing states. Whenever a monarch has descended to such a lower plane, in other words, wherever he, in losing his spiritual function, has promoted absolutism and a political and material centralization by emancipating himself from any bond owed to sacred authority, humiliating the feudal nobility, and taking over those powers that were previously distributed among the aristocracy–such a monarch has dug his own grave, having brought upon himself ominous consequences…

In ancient times rulers and sovereigns were truly superior, being “twice born”–in Sanskrit, dvija.

Who can be said to be truly spiritually superior?

A person who in thought, intention and action has totally integrated and realized the sacred and transcendent principles and ideals which he represents and for which he stands.

A person who in virtue of the criteria above is utterly uninterested in material gain and hence materially and financially completely incorruptible.

Awareness is a prerequisite of spiritual superiority, hence a truly superior person would have to know that he is spiritually superior–including knowing the level of the other person–otherwise he would not actually be spiritually superior. But a spiritually superior person would also know when he meets a person spiritually superior to himself. Actually, one does not have to be spiritually superior to realize someone else’s spiritual superiority over oneself, but one would have to be above a certain level of spiritual awareness.

When I say “spiritually superior minority elite” I don’t mean a self-appointed clique of megalomaniacs who “want to control society” or imagine to have found “The Answer”, I really mean a truly, genuinely spiritually superior minority elite. Now, it might be a little hard to swallow in this modern age that there might exist such a type of person for real and not just someone who thinks of themselves–in hubris–as a “spiritually superior minority elite”. I suppose, until one actually meets a person who one realizes is spiritually superior to one, one will never accept that possibility.

It is like one of those apt aphorisms say: “A fish in the ocean can’t see that birds are flying in the sky.”

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