The Mother Of All Conspiracies

The New World Order. Is it or is it not taking place. Discussions everywhere that the those in power are taking away more of our freedom day by day. I have also heard theories that people like Alex Jones and David Icke possibly might work for those who rule this world. – “How can David Icke be able to publish books if he was not working for them?” – “Alex Jones is an agent, working for the government.” And so on.

I believe this to be true, but not in the way most would think.

If what they say is the truth and nothing but the truth, they would not be able to publish anything or speak on the TV or the radio and they also would not act and talk the way they do. They are part of the distraction. They do have a grain of truth here and there and this is why they are useful to those in power. They are working for the NWO, but they are doing it unconsciously. They believe it is taking place, they make people believe it is taking place and therefore it IS taking place.

What if the highest agenda behind the NWO is something else than most people think?
It is perceived as something negative and evil. Maybe it is something completely different? Even the highest agenda of the Illuminati is said to be known only to a very small number of people at the top of that pyramid. If these people mentioned in the beginning don’t know what the real purpose behind the NWO really is, if the agenda has a different core than we perceive it to be, they cannot act accordingly. They become puppets and this includes all the world leaders as well.

Let my give you a short background to where I am coming from.

Money, success, power and an easy life are very often regarded as something positive, but are they really? Not necessarily! They easily corrupt people. The ego strives for them, but the Soul does not. The Soul1 does not. The Soul  i.e. the real you  does not  need them for anything. However, poverty, sickness, failure and adversity are often regarded as negative. If you have a higher perspective, they are what makes people grow spiritually. It makes people change for the better, makes them (hopefully) reflect on their lives and why these things are happening to them. Many choose not to learn and they suffer the consequences. All of the difficulties I have met in my life, always made me grow and change for the better. Always, without exceptions. But only because I chose to.

– It has been said that one must see God in everything; it has also been said that one must see everything in God. The first expression means that in perceiving a positive phenomenon – for it is this category that is in question – man must perceive the divine cause; he must not stop short at the gross appearance; he must see the principle in manifestation, the archetypal intention in the contingent form. It is necessary to see the essential in things rather than the accidental.2

  1. The term soul is used here to signify the real Self, but according to various traditions, the soul cannot reach beyond the this physical phenomenon world, but the intellect, which is not to be confused with Reason or logic. The intellect is connected to what is called “the eye of the heart,” which is the eternal essence in us. The eye of the heart is what enables us to see, reach and comprehend the metaphysical realm, which belongs to the next world. []
  2. Frithjof Schuon, The Transfiguration of Man, world wisdombooks, inc, 1995. []
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