The Mother Of All Conspiracies

The real purpose ABOVE the NWO, in my mind is to actually provoke you. To WAKE you. To try to make you reflect and change. Ask yourself questions. To start a process in you that will lead you on the way to insight. It is actually a tool. OR, to chain you to this grand illusion. It is our choice. It looks negative in a lower perspective, but not in a higher perspective.

The clues are out there. If we do not live our lives according to Divine Laws, we will suffer. The Mind of the Universe must balance this, therefore this NWO. Look at the world! We live in Kali Yuga i.e. dark times! WE the people have created the state our world is in now, nobody else. We may have to reap the fruits of our karma.

No human has any “real” power over another human. The NWO has only as much power as we choose to give it. We have so much more power than we think. Free Will, remember! Few are actually accepting that they have it!

People like Alex Jones and David Icke seem to think that the Good One does not exist. Do they think that the Divine Source is not in full control of our planet? Is the Good One doing a bad job?

That is ridiculous to say the least.

To understand this highest agenda, one cannot only look at it with intellectual eyes. You must add the spiritual aspect. The highest agenda above the NWO is NEUTRAL. There are only 2 ways of dealing with the fruits of karma. Either in a negative way, thus creating more karma, or in a positive way, thus producing no more karma. Either we move upwards or downwards. In harmony with the Good Source or not. It is our choice.

Alex Jones and others are not on the spiritual level to grasp what is really going on. They behold this world through their intellect1 only, without spirituality, which their ego fears. People like David Icke mistake the contents of their Divine Self for the contents of their ego.

Because of this, they are very useful to those at the top of the pyramid. They have a core of truth in their works, for us to see who are on a certain level of awareness. They are also at the same time part of the distraction, which is there to show who is ready to return and who is not.

Everything has its place in this world.

If you put these glasses on, what do YOU see?

  1. I use the term intellect, because it is what people are used to, but the intellect should not be confused with reason or logic. In various traditions, the intellect is connected to “the eye of the heart,” which is the eternal essence in us, that makes us see, reach and comprehend the metaphysical realm, which belongs to the next world. []
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