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Basic Ascesis and Purification

How can a person find the path to and begin their spiritual journey in this day and age of degeneration, corruption, spiritual darkness and universal lie? The problem of where to begin is the most common problem for almost all people today and is the first excuse not to do what needs to be done. This is true of the most mundane and simple tasks of everyday life as well as the most profound and sublime metaphysical tasks. How many times have we heard smokers say, when they know they are poisoning themselves: “yes, I know, but I like it,” or “yes, but it tastes so good”? How many times have we heard drinkers of mass-produced, artificial soft drinks full of toxins say: “I know it’s poison, but I drink it anyway,” or “you have to have a vice of some kind”?

Those who say they know but they do not act accordingly in fact do not know what they claim to know.

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Modesty, Intimacy and Routine

This article is entirely written by Karlo Z. Valois and is used by kind permission.

People today live in a world that lacks any trace of modesty, intimacy and is build mostly on routine. Routine is the visible cause of the other two factors. If we don’t look at the situation linearly, but from a point of view that precedes all three elements, it is rationalism and a material weltanschauung that stems from the general tendency of involution, that could be identified as the main cause, but we spoke about this elsewhere.
Routine is the opposite of ritual. It is important to start with this, because when looked at it from „below”, the two looks the same. In reality however the two represent two different forms. The content of a ritual is a symbol, the content of routine is an object or a practical act (performance). The difference between an object and a symbol is the observer. Only a superior observer sees symbol in an object or an act: a symbol is always the precipitation of something higher, the representation of the superior on an lower plane.

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Style Elements of Negative Tendencies

The following text is entirely written by Karlo Z Valois and is used by permission.

1. The War
In the current era there’s a constant war between the superior and the inferior.
Peace is achieved only by intellectual dominance, where hierarchical integration is perfect and the inferior, according to its degree of distance from the pure (formless) intellect is positioned appropriately.
We can only talk about inferiority from the stand point of the superior. The superior, realizing a range of potentials unavailable to the inferior does not in any way depend on the inferior.
The saying that you can become whatever you want is only true when it comes to inferior positions; the inferior however can never become superior and the superior wanting to become inferior is a logical impossibility. Today inferiority is pervasive and positions in life and especially at work do not enable the realization of potentials, instead they purposefully prevent any chance of realization: their purpose is degradation and destruction on all levels.

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About The Term “Traditional Authors” by Róbert Horváth

The following text is entirely written by Róbert Horváth and is used by permission. The most eminent of the authors named “traditionalists” or “perennialists” are called “traditional authors” in Hungary. In this context, this latter expression should obviously be comprehended as contemporary, 20th or 21st century traditional authors. From the spiritual perspective – since traditionality […]

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